When you take a look at the details of our processing services, we are sure that you will find a specific service or set of services that will suit your needs perfectly. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss further customization options when it comes to the processing that you require, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Production Ready

Our trimming and preparation services are designed to ensure that your meat is ready for immediate further processing. Whether you require that your product be of a specific weight, size, shape, or fat content, we can trim and prepare to your exact specifications. We are also very happy to prepare beef cuts according to the specifications of your customers, such as removing a specific amount of excess fat or taking away cuts of meat, whatever your customers’ needs may be.


We are proud to offer extremely precise and quick deboning services to our clients. Deboning your product increases its value, whether by making it more appealing and easy to handle for your customers, or to meet the product specifications of a larger, corporate customer. Our deboning service is specially calibrated to minimize waste as much as possible and to ensure that you are left with a well-shaped, valuable product that meets your requirements exactly.

Slicing & Dicing

Our slicing and dicing services are specifically tailored for clients who require their meat broken down into smaller cuts, such as dividing a filet into individual steaks or cutting up a roast into smaller cubes of stewing beef. Our commitment to quality control means that we will follow your specifications to the letter, ensuring that your product is cut exactly to order and that all cuts are precise and uniform. Whatever your needs and the needs of your clients, we can produce the exact size and shape for your product.

Orders should be greater than 5000lbs