Our safe, certified and regulated freezing processes ensure that your meat will remain fresh and clean during storage or transportation of any reasonable length of time. We know and appreciate how crucial food safety is to this industry, and for the health and trust of your clients and customers. With this in mind, Sierra Custom Foods will do everything in our power to ensure that the quality of your product is preserved through the freezing process.

Trichinella Treatment

This high-tech treatment is required for any pork products that may be shipped to Russia. Under very specifically regulated conditions, the pork is frozen sufficiently quickly and at a low enough temperature to effectively destroy the trichina parasite. By rapidly freezing the meat and storing it at -20º C for at least 48 hours, we are effectively able to remove the risk of trichina for any market that demands it. We are proud to offer this service to our clients who wish to export their product and adhere to international standards of health and safety.

Blast Freezing

Also knows as “flash freezing,” Sierra Custom Foods is pleased to offer this service to clients who are particularly concerned with the preservation of their product’s quality during transportation. In this process, the meat is exposed to temperatures that are extremely cold, at least 40º C or below, ensuring that the meat freezes very quickly and evenly. This ensures that the meat will stay frozen longer during transportation, no matter what conditions may be encountered, and will arrive at its destination as fresh as possible.

Freezing Storage

At Sierra Custom Foods, our facilities come equipped with many freezers capable of housing large quantities of meat for our clients. We maintain our freezers impeccably, ensuring they are always functioning at the highest possible capacity, to ensure that meat stored at our facility remains safe and at a consistent temperature. If you need your product stored for any length of time, we are pleased to offer freezer storage as part of our services to ensure the value and safety of your product is preserved.

Custom Boxing & Freezing

One of our more popular service options, Sierra Custom Foods is fully equipped with the capabilities to create customized boxes for your products. No matter what your size, shape and design specifications, we can create custom boxes to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on the full-service nature of our facility, and so are particularly proud that we are able to take your product from initial processing all the way to custom packaging. Once designed and built, we can package your products within your custom boxes and store them, frozen, at our facility for later shipment.

Tempering Capabilities

We are capable of defrosting product, both large- and small-scale orders, whether the meat has been stored at our facility or is shipped to us frozen. We employ a variety of methods, including defrosting by water, to ensure that frozen product is brought up to temperature and thawed in a controlled way. In this way, we are able to prevent your meat from spoiling, or from the growth of microorganisms that may form in the thawing process. Whenever you need frozen meat to be transformed into fresh, Sierra Custom Foods has an answer for you.

We provide storage to those who use the facility for processing.
Orders should be greater than 5000 lbs.